Starting with a desire,

moving to a conversation,

ending with jewellery you’ll love

A rich history as a jeweller in London ON

We are proud of our 77 year history of Chester Pegg Jewellers and we look forward to a new and exciting chapter transitioning towards what the market is trending to: online searching, educating, sourcing, and selling of fine gem stones and jewellery.

Three generations of Peggs have made Chester Pegg Jewellers what it is today. As we transition from commerce of old to the new way of selling jewellery, we will offer services to our clients like never before. Check back often, as these new and exciting ways to shop for jewellery will be launched here, tailored to your taste.

We invite you to shop for that perfect ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or whatever else you need to express your personal style. Take a look around at our jewellery and we look forward to your requests and meeting with you to bring to life what you’ve been looking for.

Can't find what you're looking for? We would be happy to assist you to find or create the perfect piece of jewellery or source a spectacular gem stone.

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